With the volume of sewing Humboldt Specialty encounters it has been a long time user of die cutting equipment to produce large volume, consistent, close tolerance cuts. We routinely die cut parts from a variety of fabrics, plastics, leather, webbing, and metals. We have three die cutting machines each designed for specific applications:

The Clicker is a smaller mechanical assisted hand operated press that uses forged steel dies to cut small pieces or small quantity runs in a cost effective manner.

Our Atom Traveling Head die press is a 35 ton electronically controlled auto feed press, that can use forged or steel ruled dies to cut a variety of materials.

Our heavy die press is an Atom Full Head, 125 ton unit, that can be used in a number of configurations with either forged or steel ruled dies. The press has cutting capabilities of 78″ x 84″ and can be fed by up to 18 rolls at a time.

Uniformity, speed, low cost, and less waste, all jobs big and small, from textiles to plastics and more!